An exponential leadership mindset vs. a linear leadership mindset + the 6Ds of technology Disruption.

What Does Exponential Growth Feel Like?:

Exponential Wisdom Episode 102: Exponential Mindset

Reading 1 — How to Create an Exponential Mindset

In your business journey and throughout your career you will go through the phases of launching, growing, and expanding. As you gain altitude in company hierarchies, you will also start to take charge of teams/functions. You cannot be successful as a lone ranger, thinking exponentially, whilst surrounded by linear thinkers. Thus, you have to be able to teach others how to develop an exponential mindset.

Read 1: How to create an exponential mindset

Read 2: Learn How to Create An Exponential Mindset (Adopt Exponential Thinking)

Read 3: How to Achieve an Exponential Mindset

Optional read: Answers from people over the world, answering the question: What is an exponential mindset? How do you create it?

As you read this, please consider these questions:

Your brain is wired for linear thinking. Learn exponential thinking instead

The activity aligns with weekly outcome 2

The human species is organically programmed to be linear. Our “operating software” needs to deal with 4 things:

These 4 things are coming straight from our prehistoric brain, coined by Seth Godin as the Lizard brain. As an additional learning opportunity, you can watch one of his videos where he talks about the lizard brain: Your Lizard Brain is Holding You Back: Here’s How to Overcome It

Exponential thinking is not a part of our linear programming.

Let’s better understand the biology behind this, not only so that we can better manage ourselves, but such that we can better lead the teams around us!

Read or Listen: Your brain is wired for linear thinking. Learn exponential thinking instead

As you read this, please consider these questions:

Diamandis, P. (2017). 6 D’s of Exponential Growth [Video]. Retrieved 16 February 2022, from

Who’s ready for some Disruption?

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines disruption as ‘the act or process of disrupting something: a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity, process, etc.’ The music industry hit a major disruption in the digital revolution — music streaming, live concert streaming, virtual reality concerts. These off course boomed during strict Covid lockdowns but have been around for a while now. Various other industries are also undergoing changes and are faced with disruptions.

Can you think of industries that are so ready for the disruption they can for (in)sure taste it? Clue in the sentence…

Let’s find out more.

Read: Disrupting food

Listen: Flipping the insurance Industry

Optional Read: What is disruption, really?

As you read and listen, reflect on the following:

6 Ds of Exponential Growth

This activity aligns with Weekly Outcome 4

Although our generation IS the case study for exponential technology disruption, some frameworks have emerged that help us plot the way, and plan for what is coming.

One of those curves is the 6 Ds of exponential technology disruption.

First, an industry is digitized, or information enabled.

After that, it undergoes a deceptive growth phase — starting off a low base, and doubling on every iteration.

Then suddenly, it disrupts the incumbent models because it reached maturity.

After that, it demonetised, typically shrinking additional unit costs to near zero.

It will then typically dematerialize — i.e., separate physical products are removed from the equation

And then finally, democratization — where, because of the distributable nature of digitized, dematerialized solution at near zero incremental cost, scale is achieved in the take-up

As you watch the video, reflect on the following:

Click the video below to watch. (Length: 3:40 min)



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